Free Portrait Painting Retreat

Time to Soar

Create portraits you are proud of and nourish your soul

Retreat Has Closed: On-Line Portrait Retreat

Has life been challenging for you lately? Do you feel a bit stuck or overwhelmed in your creativity? Do you desire to deepen your art practice? Feel at peace? Be inspired? Do you love learning from others? 

It is time for you and your art. Time to reconnect to why you love painting. Time to learn more skills and move forward in your creative journey. You deserve time for you and your creativity.  

I invite you to grow your portrait skills, find relaxation, and meet like-minded women with this nourishing on-line retreat.

The Retreat

February 27th to March 10th, 2023

Enjoy from the comfort of your own home:

  • create your own beautiful portrait inspired by butterflies and moths (or imagery of your choice)
  • learn how to place features on the portrait from different angles
  • learn how to create dimension and shape in the portrait
  • be inspired and gain creative momentum
  • learn how not to compare your artwork to others and how to be kind to yourself as you paint
  • nurture your soul and express what is in your heart
  • create amongst women who are also learning to love their creative time

Video portrait demos emailed to you plus live paint along Zoom/Facebook session (replay available)

Simple set of supplies using acrylic paints

Special on-line event of the Medicine Circle Membership

Questions: Contact Me


February 27th: Demo Video 1: Placing features from different angles

March 1st: Demo Video 2: Creating shape and dimension in the portrait

March 3rd: Demo Video 3: Overcome common challenges with blending in acrylics

March 4th: Live Zoom/FaceBook session (replay available)Paint your own portrait inspired by the butterfly. 

12pm LA, USA, 3pm New York, USA, 8pm London, UK, 7am Sydney, AUS, + day

Find your time zone here.

All videos available until March 10th

Your Guide

Hi. I'm Melanie, an Indigenous portrait artist, who teaches online art classes to thousands of women around the world. I help women learn to love their creative time, so they can consistently show up for themselves and experience more joy, relaxation, and energy in their daily lives. I am a trained Expressive Arts Practitioner and experienced educator of 24 years. I am from the Squamish First Nation in Vancouver, Canada and I draw from my traditional ancestry and teachings in my art practice and lessons. I provide gentle guidance and encouragement for women, so they can experience the medicines of art and build their own unique artistic voice. I believe in you.

Melanie Rivers

Words from my Community:

"I've grown so much creatively, and on a personal level, through Melanie's classes. Her soothing voice and kind reminders o "be kind to yourself" while in the process of creating art has helped me push through creative blocks. I'm learning not to judge my art but to accept and love what emerges"-- Stephanie

"Melanie has the unique ability to make one feel they can do a portrait! I look back at my work and think "wow!", did I really paint this?" 

"Melanie's classes are relaxed and exploratory form of art, so whether you're a beginner or more advanced, you gain confidence in your art form"--- Rose Murray

"Melanie creates insightful, moving portraits that each tell their own story. Her insightful ways as a teacher fill me with inspiration." Margie O'Connor