Instructor Bio:

Hi. I'm Melanie, an Indigenous portrait artist, who teaches online art classes to thousands of women around the world. I help women learn to love their creative time, so they can consistently show up for themselves and experience more joy, relaxation, and energy in their daily lives. I am a trained Expressive Arts Practitioner and experienced educator of 24 years. I am from the Squamish First Nation in Vancouver, Canada and I draw from my traditional ancestry and teachings in my art practice and lessons. I provide gentle guidance and encouragement for women, so they can experience the medicines of art and build their own unique artistic voice. I believe in you.

Melanie Rivers

Course Sessions

  1. 01
    • Getting Started

    • Welcome Video

    • Supply Video

  2. 02
    • Guided Meditation

    • Writing Activity

  3. 03
    • Creating Your Cards

    • Step by Step Guide

    • Bonus Video: Second Set of Cards

  4. 04
    • Ways to Use Your Cards

  5. 05
    • Take Your Cards to Your Journal

  6. 06
    • Stay Connected


My courses have been featured in:

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