Course curriculum

  1. 01
    • Summary

    • Tracing a Reference Photo using Tracing Paper (from Echoes of Earth Course)

    • Portrait Traceable

    • Sacred Start and Trace Portrait using Graphite Paper (from August Tree Women Lesson)

    • Library of Royalty Free Reference Photos

  2. 02
    • How to Place Features at Different Angles

    • How to Draw a Face (from Echoes of Earth Course)

    • Portrait Map Downloadable

    • Drawing Front Facing Portrait (from May Expressive Portrait Lesson)

  3. 03
    • How to Create Dimension in a Portrait

    • How to Blend with Acrylics

    • Where to Place Color on a Portrait

    • Yes We Can Paint a Nose

    • Bring Shape to the Lips

    • Paint an Eye

  4. 04
    • Introduction to Portrait Lesson (from Arts Medicine Course)

    • Supplies and Sketch Portrait

    • Painting the Portrait with Limited Palette