Art is Medicine for the Soul

Find support and connection for your creative practice

Join me for a week of creativity, community, and skills building. This free retreat is a pre-view of my new membership community I'm creating called The Medicine Circle. 

The Medicine Circle invites you to set your intentions for a creative practice, learn new skills while being kind to yourself, find time for you, and experience the medicines of creating.

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Medicine Circle Retreat

Join me in the

Starts March 25th, 2022

This free retreat will be available for 7 days

  • Full length expressive portrait lesson inspired by the ocean (recorded videos)

  • 4 Live paint along sessions with me (recordings available)

  • FaceBook group to share and inspire each other

  • Skills building and getting into a creative mindset

Retreat Portrait Lesson

Water Wisdom

The earth has many medicines and wisdoms to share with us. Stones, earth, trees, moons, ocean, wind, seasons, cycles, and transitions— their medicines echo to us through time. 

Create an ocean inspired portrait. 

this lesson is a part of my Echoes of Earth signature course which is a part of the Medicine Circle. Join in on the fun even if you have created a Water Wisdom portrait already.

Your Guide

Hi. I'm Melanie, an Indigenous portrait artist, who teaches online art classes to thousands of women around the world. I help women learn to love their creative time, so they can consistently show up for themselves and experience more joy, relaxation, and energy in their daily lives. I am a trained Expressive Arts Practitioner and experienced educator of 24 years. I am from the Squamish First Nation in Vancouver, Canada and I draw from my traditional ancestry and teachings in my art practice and lessons. I provide gentle guidance and encouragement for women, so they can experience the medicines of art and build their own unique artistic voice. I believe in you.

Melanie Rivers

Retreat Sessions:

Starts March 25th, 2022

  1. 01
    • Welcome to the Retreat

    • Supplies

    • Create Sacred Art Space

  2. 02
    • Retreat Schedule and Link to Live

    • Live Session Replay March 27th: Portrait Mapping and Style Development

  3. 03
    • Introduction to Water Wisdom

    • Water Wisdom Step by Step Guide

    • Background and Drawing the Face

    • Paint First Layer of the Face

    • Paint Final Layers of Face

    • Hair, Top, Imagery, Background

  4. 04
    • Writing Activity

  5. 05
    • Reflective Questions

  6. 06
    • Join Me in the Medicine Circle

Limited Time?

Do you have

Join even if you only have time to watch one live session or do the drawing lesson. No pressure to do it all. All are welcome. 

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Frequently Asked

  • What supplies do I need?

    The supplies you have on hand are the right ones! I'll be demo-ing in acrylic paint on a wood canvas. You can access the supply list after enrolling in the free retreat. There are suggestions for alternatives as well as exactly what I used.

  • I'm new to portraits, will I be comfortable to participate?

    I love introducing people to portraits. What's most important is enjoying the process of painting and learning along the way. Every one is it a different place in their journey so be careful not to compare.

  • Will I be able to participate in the live sessions?

    I am rotating times on the live sessions so people on different continents can participate. The sessions will also be recorded and available in the classroom and in the FaceBook group.

  • How long will I have access to the retreat sessions?

    March 25th to 31st, 2022. If you purchase the Medicine Circle membership you will have access as long as you are a member.

  • What if I don't have a lot of time?

    Join if you only have time to watch the live sessions or watch the first drawing video. Join if you only have time to be inspired and cheer others along. Every bit adds to your painting journey.

  • What is the Medicine Circle?

    A new membership community hosted by me. A safe space to learn, express, and connect. Access to my signature art courses and monthly content added.

  • Can I participate in free retreat without buying the membership?

    Absolutely! I welcome all creatives to the retreat with no pressure to purchase the Medicine Circle membership.

  • What if I have created a Water Wisdom portrait already?

    This lesson is a part of my signature course Echoes of Earth. If you have already taken this course, I invite you to join in on the retreat. Maybe you didn't finish it before, or you want to create a second one and start a series. Plus, there will be 4 live technique and creative mindset sessions.

  • Do I need to share in the FaceBook group?

    Completely optional. If you are on FaceBook and would like to join the group and be inspired but are not ready to share. That is okay. Join us.

Set Aside Time For You

Join the free retreat

Being in the creative flow is a beautiful feeling. Freeing, peaceful, joyful, and calming. You deserve to experience these medicines.